Friday, September 09, 2005


The last few days have been a whirlwind as we have attempted to help Latosha and Keairria get settled in, get clothing, medical treatment, and enroll in school. As I read about New Orleans, and I hear Latosha's horrifying first-hand account of the lack of organization, misinformation, dehumanization by authorities, desperation on the part of the hurricane survivors, and out and out raciscm on the part of police and other "officials," and am further convinced that we did the right thing to get one mother and daughter out of the misery that is the gulf coast. First, the good news about what has been happening here in Los Angeles:

Thomas took Latosha and Keairria to a free clinic on Beverly blvd. on Wednesday. Keairria was given medicine for the rash that had developed all over her body as a result of living in dirty water for 8 days. They both received medicine for their stomachs. I had called the Red Cross, because they supposedly would be able to provide inital services. It became apparent that this would be a waste of time after making several calls and being told that their shelters were full and they would take days to "process" people. So we realized that a direct and personal effort is the only way to get anything done -- thus the email and the request for donations from you. THANK YOU once again for your kindness -- we still need more. Clothing quickly poured in to the gallery in the last couple of days and now this need has been taken care of adequately.

Yesterday, we got Keairria enrolled at Colfax elementary, right down the street from where she and Latosha are now living with Thomas and Tracy. The school opened up to her immediately, the kids are wonderful and the parents, teachers and administration have been amazing in a very short time. Thank you very much to COLFAX elementary for making Keairria feel welcome. I will post photos later of Keairria at school.


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